Buildings that are important because of their history or architecture are given listed status. There are three types of listed gradings.

  • I – Buildings of exceptional national interest
  • II* – Buildings of particular importance
  • II – Buildings of special interest

Carrying out work on listed buildings

Before starting any work on a listed building, you should use the Pre-application Advice Service. This service will determine whether you need to apply for listed building consent, planning permission or, in some cases, both.

For listed buildings, the type of work that generally requires consent or planning permission includes:

  • replacing doors or windows
  • building an extension
  • painting over brickwork
  • installing television aerials, satellite dishes or burglar alarms
  • replacing roofing materials
  • moving or removing interior walls
  • removing or modifying fireplaces, panelling or staircases

Applying for Listed Building Consent

Before formally applying for listed building consent, it is recommended that you use the Pre-application Advice Service. This service will inform you of any factors that may affect your application and allow you to address these issues before formally submitting your application.

There is no fee for a listed building pre-application enquiry unless a site visit is required.  The fee for a site visit is £100 and no pre-application site visits can be carried out until this fee has been paid.

Pre-application Advice Service

Once you are ready to make a formal application, you can submit your application to the National Park Authority.

Apply for Planning Permission

Conservation area map

You can view conservation areas within Eryri National Park on an interactive map.

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