If you think that a decision about your planning application is unfair, you can appeal against that decision.

You can appeal on the following occasions:

  • Your application for planning permission has been refused, and you think that this decision is unfair
  • Your application for planning permission has been granted, but with conditions you think are unfair

You can also appeal on occasions where the Park Authority’s planning department have not issued a decision on your application within a specific period. You should receive a decision within eight weeks for general applications, while decisions on large and complex applications should not exceed thirteen weeks.

What to consider before making an appeal

The planning department’s main reason to refuse planning permission is that the proposed development does not conform with local or national planning policies.

Snowdonia National Park Authority’s planning officers will always give you reasons as to why they have made a specific decision on your application. You may be able to make changes to your plans so that they comply with local and national policies.

How to make an appeal

You should appeal through the Welsh Government website. The Planning Inspectorate is responsible for receiving and reviewing appeals. The Planning Inspectorate is a department within the Welsh Government responsible for planning and development matters across Wales.

Only the applicant can appeal, but they can use a planning agent to submit the appeal on their behalf.

You must appeal within the period stated on your decision note. The decision note is the document sent to you informing you of the decision on your application.

Appeal a Planning Decision (Welsh Government)

What happens during an appeal?

The Planning Inspectorate will review the Local Planning Authority’s decision. They will also examine why the applicant thinks the decision is unfair.

The length of time the Planning Inspectorate takes to decide on your appeal depends on the complexity of your application. An appeal involving a typical householder application usually takes around 14 weeks to process.