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You can use the Pre-Application Advice service to:

  • find out if you need planning permission for your proposed development
  • understand some of the factors that may affect your before you officially submit it to the Authority

Eryri National Park Authority strongly recommends that applicants use the Pre-application Advice service before submitting an official planning application.

Please note officers are unable to provide any advice over the phone. You must complete a Pre-application Advice form.

What do I need to prepare?

For you to receive comprehensive feedback on your proposed development, you will need to prepare and read the following:

You will need to provide as much information as possible when filling out this form. Make sure to include information on your proposed development, the materials you intend to use and whether or not there is potential for a change of use.

A location plan is a map showing the location of your development. Make sure you submit the location plan at a standard scale (for example, 1:2500, 1:1250 or 1:500) and that the plan clearly shows the direction of the north. You will also need to outline the location of your proposed development in red.

The best way to create a location plan is to use a location plan creation service. Search ‘planning location map’ on the internet to find several companies that offer this service.

Site and elevation plans are plans that show the size, shape and location of your proposed development in the context of its surrounding buildings.

You can provide this information as sketch drawings if using the ‘Pre-Application Advice’ service. However, make sure your drawings:

  • show the measurements of your proposed development in metric units
  • is labelled so that the planning officers can clearly understand the intentions behind your proposed development

See Pre-Application Guidance Notes for examples of good practice.

You should supply photographs of the proposed development site and any nearby buildings. Make sure that your photographs give the planning officers a good overview of your proposed development site.

What will the Authority include in its feedback?

As part of the Pre-application Advice service, a planning officer from Snowdonia National Park Authority will review your proposed development and comment on several elements, including:

  • Confirming if you need planning permission to undertake the development
  • Let you know if your development infringes any planning rules or policies
  • Giving you advice on what you will need to include when submitting your official planning application. Following this advice can result in a quicker planning application process.

You will usually receive feedback on your plans within 21 days of receiving your application.

How much does the Pre-application Advice service cost?

The cost of the service depends on the type of development you intend to develop.

  • Confirmation of Planning Permission
    To advise on whether planning permission is required.
    Cost: Free
  • Householder
    Building an extension, garage or shed.
    Cost: £25
  • Small development
    Building a new house, converting a barn or developing a campsite.
    Cost: £250
  • Large development
    Developing 10–24 new houses or developments with a floor surface area between 1,000–1,999 square meters.
    Cost: £600
  • Large substantial development
    Developing more than 24 houses or developments with a floor surface area of more than 1,999 square metres.
    Cost: £1000
  • Listed building pre-application enquiries
    Works carried out on listed buildings.
    Cost: Free

Pre-application site meeting

Following on from a pre-application enquiry response, it is possible to arrange a site meeting with a planning officer. An additonal fee of £100 would be payable for this which would need to be paid before any meeting takes place.

A fee of £100 is now also required for any Listed Building pre-application site meetings.

Application Form and Guidance Notes

Please read the Guidance Notes thoroughly before completing your application. Once you have completed the application form, email it to and include any supporting information.

Postal enquiries should be sent to:
Development Management
Eryri National Park Authority
National Park Office
LL48 6LF

Download Application Form

Download Guidance Notes