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Conservation areas are designated to protect the unique and special qualities of an area. There are over 100 conservation areas in the National Park.

If a tree is within a conservation area, you might need consent to carry out work on it, including:

  • felling or uprooting the tree
  • pruning the tree’s branches
  • carrying out any work which might damage the tree

However, if the tree’s trunk diameter is under 75mm measured 1.5 meters above natural ground level, you can carry out work on it without consent.

You should also take into consideration whether or not the tree is protected under a Tree Preservation Order.

Tree Preservation Orders
Conservation areas

Applying for consent to work on a tree in a conservation area

Before you carry out work on a tree in a conservation area, you will need to apply for permission.

For more information about submitting applications to the Authority, visit the Apply for Planning Permission page.

Apply for Planning Permission

Working on a dead or dangerous tree within a conservation area

If the tree you intend to work on is dead or dangerous, you won’t need to apply for consent to carry out work on it. However, you must give notice to the National Park Authority at least 5 days before carrying out the work.