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What does the Compliance Service do?

The integrity of the planning system depends upon the Authority’s readiness to achieve compliance with planning law and planning permission decisions. Public confidence is undermined if unauthorised building, mining or changes of use take place without planning permission first being obtained. The objective of the compliance service is to bring such activities under control at the earliest opportunity.

What if someone has made a complaint against me?

The first stage of any investigation is to establish whether a breach of planning regulations has in fact occurred.

When acting upon a complaint received, we will investigate the matter by collecting information and conducting site inspections. We will discuss the matter with you fully, and keep you informed through the whole process. We won’t, however, be able to inform you of the complainant/s identity.

If investigations reveal that planning permission is not required, you will be informed in writing that no further action will be taken.

What happens if you find that I’ve breached planning regulations?

If our investigation reveals that planning rules have been breached, we will inform you how planning rules have been breached, what action is required to remedy the situation, and when this must be done by.

You will be given an opportunity to discuss and resolve the matter by negotiation with us before action is taken; unless immediate action is necessary in view of the seriousness of the planning breach, or deliberate non co-operation.

If the case is minor in nature, we will tell you if we intend to issue an informal written warning.

If enforcement action is taken, we will tell you why it has been necessary, any relevant planning policies which have given rise to the decision, and the appeal procedures that are available to you.

How can I avoid breaching planning conditions?

Planning is a complex process and often requires careful attention to detail to ensure matters are not overlooked. Genuine mistakes do occur from time to time whilst implementing planning permissions. The Authority’s Compliance Officers will therefore always be pleased to work with you before works begin, and during the project period, to ensure that planning conditions are met.

For further information, please contact the Planning Compliance Section of Eryri National Park Authority or refer to our Compliance Policy*, which is available within our Publications Library on our website.

*The Compliance Policy outlines how the Service categorises complaints (with timescales for investigation), the conduct of site visits and an explanation of different enforcement action that can be taken.