You do not need to apply for permission to do small-scale lighting work such as replacing indoor light fixtures or installing exterior security lights. However, there are factors you should take into consideration when installing or changing lighting.

Lighting in Listed Buildings

If you wish to install or change the lighting on a listed building, you should apply for Listed Building Consent. This applies to all interior and exterior lights relating to the building or surrounding grounds.

Additional factors specific to the National Park

There are additional factors to consider concerning lighting when developing within the National Park.

 Eryri National Park is a designated International Dark Sky Reserve. The Park Authority will consider the effect development work might have on this designation.

Development work should take into consideration:

  • the effect lighting has on the quality of the dark sky around the development site
  • the effect lighting has on the wildlife that is dependent on the National Park’s dark sky.

There are several ways in which you can accommodate dark skies within your development, including:

  • ensuring that lighting points downwards rather than upwards
  • limiting the amount of time an exterior light is active
  • only making use of light in areas that need it