You should always consider your development’s effect on your neighbours or any nearby occupied buildings.

Some of the most common effects developments might have on neighbours include:

  • affecting or taking away some of their light
  • ruining a view from your neighbours home
  • the development work itself causes noise and disruption

Less common effects could include issues where your development might have a structural consequence on your neighbours home or land.

Best practice with your neighbours

You should always let your neighbours know of your development plans. Good communication from the start will ensure that both yourself and your neighbours will understand the impact of the work before it starts.

You should contact your neighbours about the work you intend to carry out before formally applying for planning permission.

You may be able to solve many issues or concerns a neighbour might have with your development with minor moderations to your design proposals.

Your neighbours’ rights

Your neighbours, like everyone else, will have the right to submit formal comments on your development during the consultation period.

Comment on a Planning Application